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Rise Up with Jesus Easter Family Event

Saturday April 20, 2019


Children and families will be led through various stations with activities and drama, each helping to create connections with the death and resurrection of Jesus. Create a lasting memory with your family to remember that Jesus is alive!

Families will be participating in seven different stations, each lasting around 15-20 minutes. Parents or caregivers are encouraged to join their children for each station, creating a lasting family memory and fostering further discussion and conversation about the meaning of Easter. Each station involves a type of activity or game to help families experience and become more familiar with Jesus’ journey towards His resurrection and understanding of Jesus. The stations are interactive and engaging. At each station, the facilitator will help connect the activity with the idea important in understanding Jesus’ resurrection; such as understanding the touch, smell, and sounds of the tomb, moving the stone from the tomb, or understanding Jesus rose from the dead. Along the way at each stop, families will receive a puzzle piece to be able to complete the picture of Jesus’ resurrection at the end of the event. All families will come together for the final station and lesson that Jesus is Alive! There will also be a Rise Up with Jesus Photo booth to take memories for the event.

We are asking families to sign up by April 13th with Heba Gohary (647 381-0248 ) or Shereen Hanna (647 300-9626) to ensure we are able to plan for the number of families attending. Tickets are $5 per child. All children up to grade 8 are welcome.

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