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Message About Ravi Zacharias

We are all deeply saddened by the news of Ravi Zacharias' investigation. We know that many of you have been devastated by this news as well. His teaching about God, Scripture and Christ was trusted by many near and far. No one knows whether he repented or not, but we trust in a God of justice who always does what is right and cares about the justice of the oppressed.

Although Ravi Zacharias failed our trust, yet, we are reminded that our trust is in a Perfect Saviour and not in any one else. Thank God for His grace, for it's only by His grace that we're kept from such heinous sins.

The facts about the existence of God, the incarnation and redemption of Christ and hope of glory do not depend on Ravi Zacharias’ life and conducts. The revelation of God to humanity in the Bible and in Christ does not change and is not shaken by the fall of Ravi. Truth remains true regardless of what people say or do whether they deny or stand for it.

From what happened with Ravi, we should learn to give Satan no place in our lives; resist temptation and flee from it; do our best to have high accountability and transparency.

Please continue to join us in prayer for all those in our church family and the larger body of Christ who have been affected by this news.

The grace and peace of our Lord be with you,

Rev. Nagi, Rev. Freddie, Pastor Richard, and Pastor Mourad