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Nagi was born in Menia, Egypt in 1951 and moved to Cairo in 1967 where he attended high school. After one year into his engineering school, he responded to God's call and moved to the Evangelical Theological School in Cairo from where he graduated in 1976 with a B.TH degree.

In 1979, he moved with his wife Suzie to Toronto to establish the first Evangelical Arabic speaking congregation in Canada. The Church became part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada in 1982 and grew from the 30 families that met at a small chapel in Knox church to over 200 families in 1991. Rev. Nagi inspired the congregation to build the current facility. He led the way and what was a dream in the mid-eighties materialized by God's grace in 1991. During his ministry in Toronto, Nagi studied at Tyndale Theological School in North York and received a M.T.S degree in 1991.
Rev. Nagi moved to Brussels in 1995 where he was an itinerant speaker for the Arabic speaking groups in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. He also enrolled in the doctorate program at Fuller Theological School in Pasadena, California and obtained his doctoral degree in 2003.

A new phase begins in Egypt from 2003 to 2011. Rev. Nagi and Suzie moved back and set their base in Cairo Egypt. Nagi became the assistant pastor for leadership development and church ministries in Kasr el-Dobara Church, the largest evangelical church in the Middle East. He also became the Ministry Center Director of Development Associates International in Cairo, a ministry focused on training pastors and lay people from all denominations to become servant leaders. Rev. Nagi also taught Spiritual Formation in three theological schools in Cairo: the Evangelical School of Theology, Alexandria School of Theology and the Pentecostal Seminary. He taught also at Augustine School of Theology and at Uganda Christian University. In 2011 Rev. Nagi published his first book “ Forces of Change” focusing on his teaching on spiritual formation.

In the fall of 2013, Nagi and Suzie returned to CPPC, the originally intended short duration was extended to meet the need during a time of turbulence. He then accepted CPPC Congregation’s call to become their senior pastor.

Pastor Nagi’s intimacy with God, his humility of spirit, and his compassionate heart has always drawn people to him. His influence comes from a disciplined life that embodies the teachings of Christ and brings God’s presence closer to the heart of people who deal with him.

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