Social Events Ministry


Deepen Relationship among the body of Christ which everyone is acceptance and participate in genuine love. Being absorb in the function of the body of Christ as a participant so we can relate to work with care for on anther we know in love. We need not to attract more people we need to stimulate process in the function of the body so we come not to watch ministry but to participate mentality.


  • Fridays summer club ‘El Nadee’
  • Summer Trips
  • Social Events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration events
  • Helping other ministries in their events such as evangelism
  • Helping church ministries as required

Alone we are weaker
Alone we are more given to depression
Alone more to prone to draft away
Living in Harmony, they may perfected in unity
As one to show the world we are different
Serve in particular way throughout the week
More than coming in Sunday morning